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Excessive force claim to be filed against LASD deputies after violent arrest in Inglewood

In five days a video has been spread across and well beyond Los Angeles, showing LASD deputies pinning a man to the ground slamming his head, and putting a gun to it during an arrest in Inglewood.

Twenty-four years old Blake Anderson said, "It's like every morning every night, I am just aching, aching, my knees, my back, my neck, my eyes."

His eyes were injured in an unrelated way but it has stalled his healing and caused injuries elsewhere. Anderson's family, however, reported the man suffered "a dislocated shoulder" and "several hematomas around his head."

Additionally, the family's GoFundMe account said Anderson had

Anderson says he was working security at the Inglewood Hookah Lounge, at 5006 W. Century Blvd. near the San Diego (405) Freeway, when deputies confronted him, pushed him against the wall, and shouted commands before saying why.

The family of Blake Anderson will hold a news conference Friday with attorneys to announce an excessive force claim against Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies.

"According to multiple witnesses, Blake was conversing with an established customer when the officers got out of their vehicle and proceeded to ambush him with no probable cause," according to the GoFundMe. "No name, source of identification, or justification for arrest was asked for before immediately slamming his head into a glass window."

The sheriff's department stated that "Anderson had a previous traumatic injury which he sustained in an unrelated incident prior to contact with deputies," but did not elaborate on whether the injury was exacerbated due to the use of force.

Anderson was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm, being a felon in possession of ammunition, possession of a concealed firearm, and assault on a peace officer with a firearm, according to the sheriff's department. The department stated it was unable to provide further details on the arrest due to an ongoing investigation into the use of force.


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