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Inglewood Bail Bonds FAQs:

what is a bail bond

A Bail Bond assures the court that the arrestee will show up at court. A Licensed bail bondsman will issue a contract which guarantees the court that the full bail amount will be paid if the arrestee fail to appear to court. A licensed bondsman can do this because they are backed by an insurance company. Bail Bonds are also known as “surety Bonds.”

What is a Bail Bond?
what happens after somebody is arrested

That depends mainly on the city they are arrested in because some regulations differ in different cities. However, usually that person will be taken for booking and processing at the local police station. Then he/she will be finger printed and any belongies will be taken for safekeeping by an officer. Some inmates could remain in jail up to 48 hours before they get to see a court commissioner. By law, the State of CA, must let an arrestee see a court commissioner in 24 hours for misdemeanors and 48 hours for felonies.

how is the bail amount set

Public safety is the 1st priority when the bail amount is set, that means the more severe or dangerous the crime is the higher the bail amount will be. County bail will usually include the bail amount for each crime and extenuating circumstances.

What exactly is a Bail Bond?
bail bond cost

Its 10% of the actual bail amount and that's in California and most states. The rates are set by the states and they are not negotiable and no hidden fees or tax included. By law, Bail bonds companies in California are not allowed to charge higher or lower than 10% .

How is a Bail amount set?
What is the cost of a bail bond?
how to qualify for a bail bond?

A Bail Bond has some qualifications similer to a bank loan.

(The Indemnitor) a person who is signing resposibility for the person in jail.

Stability (How long at current job and present address).

Able to pay- Can the bond be paid in full if the arrestee does not appear at court.

Willingness to pay- Does the indemnitor have good credit or own assets that can be liquidated if the person fails to appear in court. What is the integrity of the person arrested? Have they been arrested before? And for what? Do they have a family and a job? Are they an American Citizen? Do they have a passport? Keep in mind that the criteria are based on the alleged crime and bail amount.

Are you qualified for a Bail Bond?
how to pay the bail bond premium?

At Sunrise Bail Bonds Inglewood we accept cash as well as all major credit cards (visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). However, we do realize that sometimes are clients don’t have enough money to pay the bail bond at the exact time, so we do offer different payment options such as financing and payment plans. There usually isn’t any need for collateral but in some cases there is and we will work with you to ensure that you get your bail bond.

How to pay for a Bail Bond?

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