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inglewood ca

Inglewood is a located in the southwestern region of Los Angeles County and is a very interesting city with many things to do for any type of person. There was a rise in the Latino Population since the early 1990’s and now has a very prominent Latino community.  The city has a population of a little more than 109,000 people according to the 2010 census. Its residents enjoy a great climate due to its proximity to the beaches of California. One could find many bars and lounges to go to at night and could also visit the beautiful beaches of California during the day. The city of Inglewood is also located just southwest of downtown Los Angeles where residents could easily go visit for the day.


The law enforcement in Inglewood makes sure that the safety of their residents by setting up DUI checkpoints throughout the city on a daily basis. They also patrol the city to make their presence known to show their residents that they are safe. Inglewood has a strict zero tolerance for driving under the influence and are some of the best officers in California which makes Inglewood a very safe city. Therefore, Inglewood is a great place to visit and enjoy the day without feeling that you are not safe. Information by Sunrise Bail Bonds.

City of Inglewood, CA

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