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Inglewood Gang Members Arrested For Spray Painting

Today, police officials reported that they have arrested a total of three gang members from the city of Inglewood after they spray painted at five locations in Culver City. Officers were patrolling the area of Playa Street and Hannum Avenue at around ten at night when they tried making contact with three gentlemen walking down the street. After a short pursuit of the three suspicious men, the officer detained all three of them and later determined that they had been vandalizing property all over Culver City. They vandalized a total of five locations that included a delivery truck and many residents witnessed the three men spray painting in the area and were planning to call the police before the officers approached the suspects. They were then arrested for felony vandalism according to the officer in charge of the investigation. It was later determined that the three men belonged to a gang that is primarily from Long Beach. Blog by Bail Bonds Inglewood Masters.


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