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Deadly Shootout ends in Suspect Casualty

Just after midnight on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, deputies in Inglewood stopped a car in a motel parking lot, not expecting a shootout to occur. According to authorities, the gunman wounded two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies and luckily for one of the officers, her phone charger stopped the bullet from fatally wounding her. The shootout commenced when an officer frisked the passenger and felt a firearm in the suspect’s waistband. Both wounded officers were taken to the hospital to be treated and are doing fine right now. However, the gunman was shot by the officers who returned fire and was pronounced dead at the scene. This goes to show how dangerous an officer’s job can be. A simple traffic stop escalated to a deadly shootout in a matter of seconds and put both officers’ lives at risk. Luckily the officers escaped the shootout with their lives and unfortunately the gunman did not.

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