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Headed to Mexico?

Earlier this month, the nation was surprised by the news of a prison break in a maximum security prison in New York, but we continue to be surprised as one of the escapee’s reveal the two inmate’s plan. The lone survivor David Sweat has been revealing his and his now deceased partner planned to escape the prison and travel to Mexico. He told authorities that a prison employee, Joyce Mitchell, was supposed to pick up the two inmate’s after they escaped, kill her husband, and then all three of them would head to Mexico. According to the escapee, he had gained Mitchell’s trust and that they would live happily ever after once they get to Mexico. At this time, Sweat is in a locked-off part of the hospital that is separated from the rest of the rooms by secure doors and guards. No other patients are permitted to be treated there as a part of the hospital’s contract with the Department of Corrections. He is not allowed to have any visitors and will return back to prison as soon as he is stable. Mitchell is now in jail for her involvement in the escape and she will be on trial soon to decide whether she is innocent or guilty.

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