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Inglewood Courthouse

inglewood superior court

Some of the specific cities that this courthouse serves are Inglewood, Hawthorne, South Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, and some parts of Culver City. This courthouse serves both felony and misdemeanor cases and has offices to serve any of your needs regarding these cases. The Inglewood courthouse also serves small claims cases as well as traffic cases for tickets and other cases regarding traffic law. This courthouse also has a sheriff station in order to ensure the safety of the city and the courthouse. It is important to know that you could bail someone out at the courthouse once the trial is over. The reason it is important to know this because once the trial is over, the defendant will be transferred back to county jail unless he or she is bailed out before the transfer. However, in order for someone to be bailed out at the courthouse, you must post the bail before 2:30 because courthouses do not accept any bail bonds after that time. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact us and one of our bail agents will be happy to help you. Info by Sunrise Bail Bonds.

inglewood courthouse

Inglewood Superior Court

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