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bail bondsman in inglewood ca

Our bail bonds office here in Inglewood CA, is operating in this great city for many years now and we managed to release out of jail thousands of the city residents when was needed. Our highly trained personnel is capable to handle any situation that may occur during the bail bonds process in a district and fast way, eliminating any problems for our client.

If someone gets arrested in the city of Inglewood, is going to be moved to the Inglewood Police department at 1 Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90301. At the defendant’s arrival the Jailer is going to gather all the personal data and take pictures of the defendant and is going to register them all together in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department database. Then the jailer is going to take the arrestee’s fingerprints and send them to the Department of Justice through a machine called Live Scan. The reason for that is, that the jailer wants to see if the defendant has any pending warrants or is wanted by any other law agency. For the jailer to receive back the results, is needed around to 45 minutes or even several hours. After that, the jailer is going to decide if the arrestee is clear for bail.

If you call bail bonds montebello, a highly skilled and trained agent with a huge amount of experience is going to be assigned personally to you. The agent is going to ask you some personal information like your connection to the defendant and he/she will contact the Jailer to gather all the details of the inmate’s case. Then, he/she will arrange an appointment with you to fill the necessary paperwork for the bail bond. The agent, is going to take that paperwork and give it to the Jailer to clear the arrestee for release. The time needed for the defendant to get released under your custody is usually 30 minutes to several hours depending how busy the jailer is at that moment.

Inglewood bail bonds process.

Inglewood Bail Bonds

Why Sunrise Bail Bonds Inglewood!

Bail Bonds Inglewood Masters
Experience & Availabilty

It is understandable that when one of your beloved ones is arrested, life becomes a living nightmare for you with a lot of stress and confusion. For that reason, we here at Bail Bonds Inglewood assign to you, your personal highly skilled and trained agent. Our agents are extremely experienced and that for able to handle and deal any situation possible that may occur during your time of need.

The agent is going to do anything at his/her power to put your mind at ease and he/she will explain to you the whole process detailed until you understand everything with every detail.
Your worries are going to disappear and you will be able to do anything needed to release your loved one out of jail fast and easy.

Your personal agent is available to you at any time to ensure that you will have the best possible treatment and that all your questions are going to be answered.


Our agency is the best and most qualified in the area and our service quality and commitment to the client is extremely well known as the best in the business.


The thousands of our previous clients can guarantee that to you. Our successful bail bonds releases record is our biggest pride.

Our personnel are available to you 24/7 in order to guide you through every step of the bail bonds release process.


Our agents operate in a way that your loved one’s release from jail to be their top and only priority. They aren’t going to rest till they manage the best possible result for you.

As long an inmate remains in jail, the most possible is for him/her to remain there and that’s why is important that you will bail them out fast. Fast is what we are used and learned to do here in Sunrise Bail Bonds Inglewood.

easy payment plans
Easy Payment Plans

We are not flexible only in the way we operate, we are also flexible when it comes to payment. We live in the same world as you do and we know how hard are things around economy now days.

It is understandable that you may not be able to pay the 10% of the bail amount at once and for that reason we offer payment plans or financing.
Your personal agent is going to work with you and help you decide what payment plan or financing to choose so you can come up with the payment without any problem.

Bail Bonds Montebello service extends to the neighboring cities from northeast to northwest of inglewood to cover South Los Angeles, Central Los Angeles and Culver City. Marina Del Rey west, El Segundo southwest, Hawthorne, Gardena and Lawndale south, Compton and Lynwood southeast. South Gate and Huntington Park east.

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Inglewood, CA 90301

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(424) 888-6066
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Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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How bail bonds work in Inglewood, CA!

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